Yamaha XS-650 1969-1985. Performance Portfolio.


Yamaha XS-650 1969-1985. Performance Portfolio.
Author: R.M. Clarke.

This book covers from the launched at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1969, with the 653cc XS-1 model. Sales were slow in Britain, the traditional home of the Big Twin, but just about everywhere else, and especially in America, the bike developed a huge cult following. Over a quarter of a million XS650s in forty different variations were produced before production ceased in 1985. 31 articles include road and comparison tests, history, new model intro’s, owner survey, performance & technical data, engine rebuild. Models XS-1, XS-1B, XS-2, XS-650, B, C, D, E SE, F, SF, Special.

Format: Paperback, 136 Pages
ISBN: 9781855205741
Publisher: Brooklands Books
Size: 8 x 10.75 x 0.37
Published: December 6th 2001


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