BOOSTER PLUG Fuel Injection Auto Tuning.


BOOSTER PLUG FUEL INJECTION TUNING.  Simple plug in and forget.

*NOTE: Booster Plug is model specific. PLEASE SPECIFY MAKE, MODEL & YEAR IN THE NOTES for compatible unit (see below model selection)

NOTE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANY EURO 5 bikes, 2021 onwards…

The BoosterPlug is accepted worldwide as the best possible fuel injection tuning method- and will transform your motorcycle, especially in conjunction with use of aftermarket free flow exhaust and airfilter systems. The BoosterPlug tuning module is installed in less than 10 minutes. It plugs directly into your motorcycles wiring harness using original connectors, No cutting or splicing wires, no complicated programming, no problems

The BoosterPlug is accepted worldwide, as a brilliant and affordable way to cure the fueling problems that haunts all modern fuel injected Motorcycles.

No need to spend a small fortune on complicated multi adjustable electronic devices like the Power Commander + endless Dyno hours, to make your bike run as it should have from the factory.

A true Plug and Play solution that will make your bike so much better:
– Improved and softer throttle response when rolling the throttle on-off.
– Enrichment of Air/Fuel mixture when you open the throttle will improve acceleration.
– Remove the Jerky low speed running that is typical for modern lean burn engines.
– Stronger and more reliable Idle.
– Reduced Puffing in your aftermarket exhaust on engine braking.

A tried and tested kit to solve the common stalling and idle problems.

The BoosterPlug fuel injection tuning kit is designed to eliminate the usual fuel injection problems that haunts all modern motorcycles. The too lean air/fuel mixture on the standard bike will make idle and low speed running weak, and the throttle action will be horribly on/off like. The small controlled fuel enrichment with the BoosterPlug will solve the common fuel injection problems and make your motorcycle easier and safer to ride.

How does it it work then ?
– If you can trick the Fuel Injection ECU to think the ambient air temperature is lower than the actual readings,
the ECU will richen up the injected mixture by a certain amount.
– The correct enrichment will greatly improve the driveability of your bike
– Basically, it is done by adding some extra resistance to the Air Intake Temperature Sensor, and the method
have been tested thoroughly by many independent sources and it actually works. No magic involved ūüôā

The intelligent solution !
РThe BoosterPlug is the only Plug and Play device that offers a stabilized enrichment of the mixture in different ambient temperatures.
– To do this, the BoosterPlug is using an extra temperature sensor (and a few other components), that will work in cooperation with the
original Air Intake Temperature Sensor.

  • Please note that the Booster Plug may affect warranty conditions on brand new motorcycles.

*Booster Plug STOCKED for the below models, AND many more not listed… please contact us to check..



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