Motorcycle Sealant, Threebond 1211 White.

Motorcycle Sealant, Threebond 1211 White.

 Threebond 1211.  White100g . Motorcycle sealant.

 Liquid gasket. Solventless Silicone based & Sag type.  MULTI USE.
General use for timing chain/ side covers/ rocker covers/ crankcase/ sumps etc.
 Non corrosive, O2 safe, oil- fuel- chemical resistance.
As used by professionals. Temp resistance -60 to 250.

  • Low viscosity, flowable and excellent workability.
  • Can be used with solid gaskets and it can be used for temporary fixing of O rings.
  • Corrodes copper and copper-based alloys. Can not be used for copper and copper-based alloys in tightly-sealed state.

100g tube.

$48.90 including GST ($44.45 excluding GST)