Suits most earlier DUCATI (Monsters etc), and some Yamaha.

 Quality led acid battery, comes dry (ACID NOT INCLUDED) need to fill and charge before use.

Yuasa YB16AL-A2 is a high-performance conventional battery with polyethylene glass mat separator. It utilizes top lead alloy that contains calcium alloy for increased weld strength and severe vibration resistance.


• Cast Grid: severe vibration resistance & improved conductivity
• Active Material: reduced shedding, maximum utilization and long service life
• Pasted Plates: Ensures vibration resistance through precise compression and proper service life
• Top Lead Connections: shorter current path for increased electrical conductivity and higher starting currents
• Case-Cover Seal: prevents air ingress & acid seepage
• Terminal-Cover Seal: Patented Poly-Seal to eliminate acid seepage, reduces corrosion and extends battery life
• Case & Cover: superior resistance to gasoline and oil, impact resistant in extreme weather conditions
• Additive: sulfate stop to reduce the solubility of lead into acid which then reduces battery sulfation
• Separator: Polyethylene with glass mat sheet bonded for compression to withstand severe vibration conditions

Acid Pack Not Included

Battery type: Dry charged battery
Filling kit included: YES
Electrolyte volume: 1.1 Litres
Dimensions: 207mm x 72mm x 164mm
Capacity rating: 16Ah
Cold-start performance: 200EN
Maximum charging rate: 1.6 Amp
Weight (filled): 5.3Kg
Vent position: Left side (With the terminals on the edge nearest to you)
Terminal layout: Left: - Right: + (With the terminals on the edge nearest to you)

$149.00 including GST ($135.45 excluding GST)