VALEO starter motor SOLENOID.



Solenoid for VALEO  : D6RA7, D6RA15, D6RA55, D6RA75, D6RA21, and D6RA210 Starters
*NOTE, NOT Valeo brand.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: 1988-1995 BMW R Series, Model 247, ( includes ALL pre-88 w/ VALEO Starter) 1993-2006 BMW R Series, Model 259, Oilhead 1988-2009 on Moto Guzzi ( and ALL pre-'88 w/VALEO Starter)
Make/Model: BMW: All Model 247's, and 259's / Moto Guzzi : ALL
Model Years: BMW Airhead 1988 to 1995 / BMW Oilhead 1993-2006
Manufacturer #: Airhead 12 41 1 244 607, Oilhead 12 41 2 306 168 Moto Guzzi
Power Rating: Strong pull-in with stable holding power

Restores full engagement and holds starter drive gear to ring gear.Simple replacement for failed starter motor solenoid switch.

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