VALEO starter motor, MOTO GUZZI.


VALEO starter motor, MOTO GUZZI.

VALEO Starter-New. Original Equipment 9-tooth drive starter for 1988-2005 models. Also retrofits ALL earlier BOSCH 8-Tooth drive starters on 1969-1987 application.

Does Moto Guzzi –  1969-2010 Moto Guzzi ALL, bigblock and small block (and Lucas replacement).  DR6A.

*California 1100/EV, Centauro, V11, V10, Florida, Jackal, GT1000, Le Mans series, SP1000, 850 T/T3/T5, Convert (2-Speed).
Breva 750/1100, V35/50/65/75. Nevada.

For early 4-speed models, select below for additional adapters/ hardware and 2-page instructions. : Eldorado, Ambassador
# GU30730710,  GU30700711, GU30730711

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Weight 1.3 kg

$449.00 including GST

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