SCHOTT Perfecto Jackets. Traditional USA Motorcycle Jackets


The most original and authentic SHOTT NYC Perfecto ‘Brando’ motorcycle jackets still made in the USA after over 90 years…  and available here in Australia..

Founded in 1913 in NYC, with humble beginnings selling raincoats, the Schott brothers went on to create the very first leather motorcycle jacket in 1928 – The Perfecto. This jacket has been at the heart of American culture and made even more famous through the 50’s as worn by Marlon Brando- in the classic ‘the Wild One’.  Over the course of 90 years, the Perfecto® motorcycle jacket has become ingrained in the fabric of American culture. It has become a symbol of bravado and rebellion from the streets of downtown New York City to the open roads across the world. From humble beginnings, the tough, durable jacket has stood the test of time and will remain a timeless classic on the backs of the men and women who make it their own and continue to add to the history. Over the decades the iconic status of the authentic ‘Perfecto’ jacket further celebrated by cultural icons such as James Dean, Bruce Springsteen, to the Ramones, Blondie, Joan Jett,  and the 70’s punk rock scene of NYC.( and even many more modern day celebrities) This American heritage of innovation and quality can be seen in every piece Schott produces.

The SCHOTT Perfecto, the most traditional, authentic and classic black motorcycle leather jacket. ‘Whadaya rebelling against johnny…’

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