ONE MANS DREAM – The Britten Bike Story


ONE MANS DREAM – The Britten Bike Story

Motorcyclists all over the world have always talked about designing the ultimate Superbike, but New Zealander John Britten did more than just talk about it – he went ahead and built it at home!
This 90 minute DVD is his amazing true story from his humble beginnings in a backyard garage
in Christchurch, to the successes and disappointments on the race circuits of the world
including the screaming action of Daytona and the Isle of Man TT races. It is the legend of the
man from 'Down Under' who dared to challenge the might and wisdom of the world's great
motorcycle production factories, and capture a nation's imagination en route.
It's also the tale of a revolutionary bike – the Britten V1000 – that confounded critics and took
the motorcycle world by storm. You'll see Alan Cathcart track-testing the bike at Zolder, Joey
Dunlop on the Britten, actual land-speed record runs, plus on-bike footage. Behind-the-scenes
and out on the track, it's all captured here in this compulsive video.
This DVD features amazing new never-before-seen footage, taking you right into the world of
the Britten team. You'll see…Alan Cathcart- track testing at Zolder… Joey Dunlop on the
Britten…actual landspeed record runs…on-bike pencilcam footage.
Produced by Britten Motorcycles and Ruffell Films, the DVD contains more detailed and recent
material than the TVNZ documentary screened on New Zealand television.

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