Moto Guzzi. California 1400. AGOSTINI mufflers, steel.


AGOSTINI mufflers, steel. California 1400.

Genuine Agostini Italian.

  • Agostini Mandello silencers for the California 1400 specifically designed from polished special steel with laser engraved Agostini Mandello Del Lario logo.
  • These exhausts are lighter and louder than standard, giving the California 1400 the sound and look expected from such a motorcycle, while allowing the engine to breathe easier, giving an increase in power.
  • Their lines and size have been designed to allow the bike to be narrower than original to obtain a more compact size and a better lean angle, combined with the weight saved allows you to fully appreciate the manoeuvrability of the California 1400.
  • They can also be fitted with standard accessories including panniers.
  • Removable Db killer included.


The assembly of these mufflers do not require any kind of intervention on the original mapping of the ECU of the bike.

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Weight 11 kg

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