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General Theory: What is Velocity Stack?
It is a device, generally with conical or cylindrical shape, which is mounted between the airbox where the air filter is contained and the throttle body.

What is its use and what are its benefits?
It is developed to increase the volumetric efficiency of the engine by providing in more air, reducing turbulence and improve the engine response at throttle opening.  This results is traduced in increased performance.

Length, taper and diameter are technical details that have a direct effect on the power erogation, finding the right dimensional ratio between these details, it is possible to reach better performance.

MISTRAL version
Our Velocity Stack, specific for Moto Guzzi V85TT EURO4 and EURO5, has been entirely studied and designed with CAD3D, then with the use of specific software to analyze the air flows in relation to the intake pressure we have defined shape and dimensions obtaining 3 prototypes. Then we developed the prototypes in reality through 3D printing and with the help of our test bench we tested them all to define the best for torque / power / rpm.

An excellent result on the entire power/torque curve, from the very first rpms the bike results immediately much more responsive, even at 3500 rpm where it suffers more we were able to obtain + 1cv of power and + 1Nm of torque, then increasing the revs the gain increases both in terms of net power and torque.

The product is completely machined from solid with the best technologies on the market, installation is very simple and does not require modifications to the bike.

*For maximum performance, we recommend combining it with Vtwin Boost and the Free Flow air filter


Where is the product installed?
The product is installed in the airbox, the installation time is 5/7 minutes, no modifications to the bike are required.

Is the gain only 1 hp?
No, the gain of 1 hp is at 3500 rpm, the most critical point for the engine. The maximum gain is 2.3 hp at 6500 rpm and + 3.5 Nm of torque.

Why did you produce it in aluminum or not in 3D printing like prototypes to make it cheaper?
3D printing is very useful for prototyping however the printed fibers are permeable to liquids and also do not guarantee long-term stability to solvents, gasoline and heat, subjected to these variables they can easily deform. Aluminum is the ideal solution: it is resistant, the surface is perfectly smooth and it is eternal. There are other 3D printing techniques that can be used for the product, however the cost would have been similar to aluminum, so with the same characteristics and being able to develop it in aluminum, we opted for this material.

On a completely original bike, does it works?
The development was done on a completely original bike, so yes.

On motorcycles with modified components, catalyst remover, sport catalyst, big bore headers pipes, exhaust, sport air filter, etc., the gain is similar and proportionally linked to the modifications already made.

Does it need a remappaing of the ECU?
No, it doesn’t. We develop any our components to be 100% compatible with the stock bike and original fuel map. No modifications to the ECU or to the bike are necessary.


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