Laverda 500 Twins Road Test Portfolio


Laverda 500 Twins Road Test Portfolio.
Author: R M Clarke.

n 1977 Laverda launched a 500cc twin cylinder 8-valve entry-level machine named the Alpina (soon, due to trademark infringement renamed Alpino and Zeta in the USA). It came with a six speed gearbox and balancer shaft. A 350cc version of the Alpino was also available from November 1977, primarily designed for the home Italian market where a high tax was payable for machines over 350cc. This was followed by the improved Alpino S and Formula 500 racer in 1978, to support a single model race series.

Its import into the UK led Roger Slater to develop the Montjuic in 1979 which was a road legal F500 with lights, sidestand and instruments. It evolved into the Mk2 in 1981 and became a cult bike due to its radical appearance and extremely throaty exhaust. EEC noise restrictions saw to its demise two years later. Tellingly and regretfully, Massimo Laverda went on to say that each Alpino sold lost the factory money!

This book is a compilation of road & comparison tests, riding impressions, performance plus articles on racing. Advice is offered on acquiring a good used 500 twin. Models covered: Alpina, Alpino, S, 500T, Zeta, Montjuic, 500 Sports, Roadster & Formula 500.

Brooklands Books Ltd “Road Test” books provide a wide range and collection of road tests, comparison tests, new model introductions, long term tests, and other articles taken from the world’s leading motoring magazines. The regular Road Test series contain 100 pages with approximately 200 illustrations.

Publisher: Brooklands Books Ltd (UK)
ISBN: 1855208822 (1-855-20882-2)
ISBN-13: 9781855208827 (978-1-855-20882-7)
Format: Softcover, 130 pages
Date Published: 2010


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