HEATED grips, 1″ Oxford CRUISER.


HEATED grips, 1" Oxford CRUISER.

Heated Handlebar Grips for *Cruisers with 1' handlebar diameter

Standard Features :

  • Sealed for life
  • Up to 122°F (50°C)
  • Rainproof switch
  • Draws under 4A

Additional Heaterz Cruiser Features:

  • Moulded wiring arrangement is both durable and discreet
  • 1-piece moulded construction ensures unrivalled performance and reliability
  • Chrome end cap can be used; alternatively the end can be cut off andd your own Bar End used
  • Intelligent electronic temperature control comes complete with mounting bracket
  • Soft, ultra-grippy rubber provides comfort and feedback

Recent upgrades:

  • New longer wiring loom to suit a wider range of motorcycles
  • Upgraded switch design, CHROME construction with seperate On/Off.
  • Can be wired into ignition
  • zero back drain current

*Note may not fit all Harleys, seperate throttle slider may be required.



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