Flywheel puller kit. Universal, 10 peice.


 Flywheel puller kit. Universal, 10 peice.

Universal flywheel/ rotor puller kit that covers most motorcycle applications. Comes in a sturdy storage/ carry case.

10 pieces kit provides 15 different applications, sizes as follows:

M14x1.5, M16x1.5, M18x1.5, M19x1.0, M20x1.0, M27x1.25, M22x1.0, M25x1.5, M22x1.5, M26x1.5, M24x1.0, M27x1.0, M26x1.0, M28x1.0, M28x1.5    

Except for M27X1.0, all applications have right hand threads.

Very handy tool to keep in the home workshop.

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Weight 2 kg

$119.95 including GST

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