DYNA 3, elec ignition. MOTO GUZZI. 850/1000cc.


DYNA 3, elec ignition. MOTO GUZZI.

Suits all Big Block Engines, Moto Guzzi 1974-1987. 850/1000cc engines.
All Le Mans Series, T series, etc.

DYNA III Electronic Ignition increases the high rpm coil energy storage by approximately 70%! The Dyna III allows the coils to build up to maximum current, and even at high rpm’s, you get a more powerful consistent charge to the plugs for top operating efficiency. The sealed aluminum module is unaffected by dirt, moisture, oil or vibration.

Eliminates the service needs for adjusting and cleaning the old fashion points. Set and forget!

D37-1 .

*DYNA recommeds the use of performance 5 ohm coils # DC10-1 for DYNA 3.

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