Cycle World on Suzuki 62-70


Cycle World on Suzuki 62-70.
AUTHOR: R M Clarke

This book provides a wide range and collection of road tests, comparison tests new model descriptions, long term tests and other articles, taken from the world’s motoring magazines. Informed and reliable test comments, specifications, performance data and photographs. Contains material on different motorcycle marques from the American magazine, “Cycle World”. This book has about 80 pages and 180 illustrations.
Includes Suzuki El Camino, K11, T250, 305, Raider, 500/Five, MR41, Magnum, T250 Savage, TS90, 150 S32-2, T350 Rebel.

PUBLISHER: Brookland Books
ISBN: 9781869826901
Rennik Code: A-S62

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