Alternator ROTOR. BOSCH sytems.


Alternator ROTOR. BOSCH sytems.

 12V, BOSCH Alternator Rotor for BOSCH Charging System.

*Ths is the new heavy duty version, made in ITALY.

Premium Quality Aftermarket Rotor Replaces BOSCH Original Equipment Rotor on 
ALL BMW Airheads and Moto Guzzi model with BOSCH 3-phase Charging System 1969-1995. 
Manufactured in EEC.
Includes 2 carbon brushes, for complete refreshing of the Bosch Charging System.
Application: BMW R Airhead 2 Valve,  Moto Guzzi with BOSCH Charging System
Vehicle Mfg. Part #: BMW  12 31 1 244 642 (240 watt / 17A ) , 12 31 8 002 347 ( 180 watt / 13 A ).
Bosch Part # : 0 124 033 027. Moto Guzzi Part # : 17712457
Power Rating:  270 Watts / 20 Amp;  Premium Quality replacement with BOSCH Alternator Charging SystemTechnical Information:

Premium Quality Rotor for use with BOSCH Alternator Charging System 270 Watts / 20 Amp;Designed to replace the original Bosch Rotor with modern EnDuraLast technology –
  • OEM Iron Claw Poles, ETP Copper Wire, Nylon bobbin, double resin coating for insulation protection.
  • Computer balanced for reduced high engine RPM vibration reduction.
  • Diameter is 0.5mm larger than original for smaller air gap between stator increased current production
  • Special resin soaking of coil increases life expectancy at high operating temperatures and engine RPM speed
  • Manufactured in Italy by a BOSCH approved supplier / subcontractor.
  • Brand New – no core charge , no exchange of your old rotor required.
    Description Alternator Rotor NEW
    Voltage 12 V
    Amperage 20 A
    Shaft Length 83 mm
    Claw Diameter 73.5 mm
    No of Claws / Splines 6
    Drive End Diameter 28 mm
    Slip Ring End Diameter 15 mm
    OHMs 2.9


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