The NEW 1400 Moto Guzzi CALIFORNIA.

After much anticipation we are excited to announce the first shipment of the new Moto Guzzi 1400 California Custom and Touring have finally reached our shores.

This first batch essentially reserved for Moto Guzzi dealer demonstrator purposes in which MOTOCICLO are pleased to have secured a California Custom that is now available for customer demo and test rides.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to book your test ride now, or for any other further questions or information.


The new 1400cc California is a major turning point in Moto Guzzi long history featuring the latest in cutting edge technology benefitting from sharing the Aprilia stable. Still maintaining the true Moto Guzzi tradition and styling, built by hand in the Mandello de Lario plant and preserving its rich 91 year heritage. Thanks to Miguel Galluzzi (who shaped the Ducati Monster and Aprilia RSV4), leading this design team utilizing the leading Aprilia racing technology and development, to incorporate and focus on this new generation of Moto Guzzi breed.

The new 1400cc power plant is the largest displacement in Moto Guzzi history and the largest twin engine ever made in Europe, producing an explosive torque of 120 Nm at 2750 rpm that stretches out up to 6500rpm to 96HP (71 kw).

With 4 valves per cylinder, twin plug heads, single overhead camshaft and roller tappets, all complimented and transferred through the smooth 6 speed gearbox and new design Carden final drive.

A fully floating engine which is ‘isolated’ from the frame minimizing vibrations and ensuring a smooth and responsive ride. This further complementing the well balanced weight distribution and design of the 320Kg package, through the low 740mm seat height (with 20mm lowered option). With exceptional handling and performance characteristics, the California is extremely easy to handle and push around while stationary considering it’s deceiving size.  

State of the art electronic features include a single throttle body ‘ride by wire’ system and the modern cam bus technology, all controlled by the latest generation Marelli 7SM central processing unit (as used on the racing Aprilai RSV4).

This modern engine management system enables 3 alternative engine mapping options for required riding conditions, also 4 position traction control functions, electronic cruise control option and switchable dual channel ABS. All functions fully accessible and easily controlled while on the move without having to interrupt your ride.

Cooling the performance power plant is achieved through air and oil with a large oil cooler and electric fan circulating the cooled oil through specially designed cooling jackets and galleries throughout the engine hotspots. The fuel tank holds a more than adequate 21L capable of around 350 Km between refills.

The sturdy front suspension is through concealed 46mm stauntions holding the 18” front tyre, with fat 200 section 16” rear tyre. Front braking is achieved with a double 320mm floating disc with Brembo radial 4 piston calipers, while the rear has a 282mm disc gripped by a Brembo 2 piston floating caliper.

The Touring model is equipped with extra 35L hard pannier bags, screen, alarm key fob,  dual spot lights and luxury seat. Also available with both models is a large array (and growing) of quality aftermarket accessories and merchandise, (including dual switchable heated seat!).

*1400 California CUSTOM,    rrp $21 990 (+ ORC $1782 approx).   In black or grey options.
*1400 California TOURING,   rrp $ 24990 (+ ORC $1872 approx).   In black or White options.

*Please note at this stage we only have a Custom available on the floor, but are anticipating a floor stock Touring model in the forthcoming shipment due soon.

We look forward to accommodating any requests and offering this opportunity to test ride and experience the new California Custom. Pre bookings highly preferred.


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