HALCYON MK 49 RACING Black Leather, split lens

Halcyon Mk 49 RACING Black
Halcyon Mk 49 RACING - COMPACT Black

Handmade in the UK, the Halcyon Mark 49 model is one of the most original goggles in the Halcyon range. 

The brass frame is powder coated black, hand stitched to a soft leather face mask. The nose bridge screw is now manufactured using a quality stainless steel this is to add more strength to the thread and is one of the few changes that have made to the goggle over the last 30 years .

The goggles’ elasticated headband has enough adjustment to allow them to fit over or under an open-face crash helmet, and the unique attachment clips allow the goggles to fit comfortably against the face, even when worn over a crash helmet, making them an ideal goggle to wear when riding a classic motorcycle.

The goggles come with UV-protected scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses. Each lens is housed in an independent frame which can be easily removed from the goggle to allow replacements to be fitted. Optional upgrades are available, such as tinted lenses, which are useful in sunny conditions.

The head band now also comes fitted with triple silicon, elasticated non-slip strips for the perfect grip when worn over an open face crash helmet.

$179.00 including GST ($162.73 excluding GST)

The overall physical size of COMPACT is smaller to allow easier fitting on small or narrow faces. Lens sizes are the same.