URAD - Mr Jo Jo , Jojoba Oil waterproofer conditioner.

URAD Mr Jo Jo leather conditioner/waterproof.
URAD - Mr JO JO 200gms.  Waterproof / Conditioning Wax

Mr Jo Jo main ingredient is JOJOBA OIL and is designed to take care of oily leathers - boat shoes, hiking boots, stock saddles and more. It is far and away the best leather moisturizer because it quickly penetrates deeply and waterproofs leather without leaving it greasy or sticky.

MR. JOJO is remarkable in restoring dried-up leathers and is an efficient protection against water.


  • Test color resistance on a concealed part.
  • Apply a very small amount with the sponge provided. Gently rub it in and leave to dry for 30 minutes.
$44.95 including GST ($40.86 excluding GST)