AUTOSOL Metal Life Saver.

AUTOSOL Metal Life Saver

AUTOSOL Metal Life Saver. 250ml.

Autosol Metal Polish is the product of choice for many bikers around the world – now Autosol has developed Metal Life Saver (MLS) which cuts hours out of those really difficult metal polishing jobs. MLS is a deep cleaner, corrosion and stain remover – it works down into the metal surface. It even removes bluing from motor exhausts – “its a simple wipe on – wipe off solution”.

Based on an industrial pickling agent formulation, Autosol Metal Life Saver contains corrosion inhibitors to control the cleaning action.

Just wipe on and wipe off to remove blueing and corrosion from most metal surfaces.

  • Trusted Autosol performance and reliability
  • Wipe-on, wipe-off convenience
  • Removes blueing and staining from most metals
  • Corrosion inhibitors control powerful cleaning action
  • Industrial pickling agent technology in a safe and handy DIY formulation

After using Metal Life Saver, it is recommennded to follow using Autosol metal Polish to retain the shine.



$19.90 including GST ($18.09 excluding GST)