AVIATOR Retro Standard Goggles -Brown MASK, Chrome

AVIATOR Retro Standard Goggles -Brown Mask, chrome
AVIATOR Retro Standard Goggles -Brown Mask, chromeOptional blue mirror lenses for Aviator Retro standard goggles

Aviator Retro Standard Goggles MASK, made in France, are padded with 12mm wide soft brown leather, foam filled, hand-stitched and treated for water resistance giving a comfortable airtight seal. They have a chrome frame.

These goggles are designed to be worn under an open face helmet, or with pudding basin style helmets.

Supplied with clear polycarbonate lens, two sets of acetate lens in smoke and yellow, and carrying case.
Blue mirror polycarbonate lenses available at extra cost.

$199.00 including GST ($180.91 excluding GST)