Tube, Michelin AIR STOP, 19″. 19MF.


Michelin AIR STOP tube. 19″.  19MF.
Does:  3.25-19.   90/100-19.  110/90-19. 100/90-19.  110/80-19.  120/60-19.

Michelin Airstop tubes are used by those who want the very best.
Featuring a 2mm wall thickness, the Michelin Standard heavy-duty tube is made specifically for those who push their tires to the limit in the roughest of conditions. Provides outstanding protection against punctures and pinch flats.

  • Made with 100% butyl rubber, renowned for its ability to maintain air pressure over long periods of time. Butyl is also highly resistant to wear and friction, and easily repaired
  • Manufactured and cured in circular mold, unlike inexpensive tubes, which are made from straight sections of rubber tube formed into a circle. Circular molding reduces tension on the tube when inflated, and diminishes the likelihood of pinch flats

Airstop® Butyl tubes answer the needs of everyday motorcyclists for economical, high quality inner tubes. In each size, Airstop Butyl tubes offer excellent puncture resistance and the consistently high quality for which Michelin is famous.

Features an overlap splice which is stronger than the butt splice used in most others.
Splice is always placed opposite the valve, which helps to provide a more balanced tube.
WITH standard straight valve.
# 19MF.


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