Stadium Clamp-On Leg Shield Scooter – RECTANGULAR


Stadium Clamp-On Leg Shield Scooter – RECTANGULAR

This original Stadium mirror was revived due to popular demand. The clamp-on mirror fixes easily and safely to the leg shield, the clamp uses thick rubber gaskets to prevent damage, while providing a secure fit.It is manufactured and handmade here in the UK (England) using the original tooling. The original “mod” mirror head is made from Stainless Steel and stamped with the Stadium logo. The aluminium arm and mounting clamps have a ratchet movement, so that when fixed to the leg shield the mirror can be cranked inwards or outwards to give the desired field of vision, and for storage and for driving through narrow passages or when parked.(Convex glass used for wider view areas).

Available LHS or RHS.




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Weight 0.75 kg
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$129.90 including GST

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