Rectifer / diode board. BOSCH sytems.


Rectifer / diode board. BOSCH sytems.

 12V, 3 phase. Premium Quality Aftermarket rectifier /diode board (for BOSCH Charging System). Replaces BOSCH Original Equipment diode board on ALL BMW Airheads and Moto Guzzi model with BOSCH 3-phase Charging System 1969-1995. 

For: Moto Guzzi (1970-92), R series (1979-95) BMW, etc. WITH Bosch charging system

Vehicle Mfg. Part # :  12 31 1 244 062, 063
Power Rating:  6 x 50 amp diodes;  270 Watts / 20 Amp; 
Diode Board / Rectifier – Modern Technology Manufactured Diodes update this old design to provide the latest in reliability and endurance under increased current demand and high heat conditions .
All other connections use high-temp solder.
**Supplied with new pair of alternator brushes and dielectric gel to promote conductivity and protect connections from corrosion.

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