Penrite, 10w Fork Oil (full Syn). *1L.


Penrite, 10w Fork Oil (full Syn). *1L.

As used at Motociclo for most high performance applications.
Proudly AUSTRALIAN premium brand product.

Motorcycle Fork Oil 10 is a fully synthetic, very high viscosity index fluid made from a special combination of synthetic base oils, viscosity modifiers, anti-wear agents and Extreme Pressure additives.
Motorcycle Fork Oil 10 is recommended for use in motorcycle forks and other suspension systems that require SAE 10W and 15W grades of oil.

  • Stable viscosity over temperature variations
  • Protects system from wear
  • Compatible with brass and copper alloys
  • Compatible with seal materials
  • Excellent low temperature properties
  • Covers both 10W & 15W grades

THIS IS FOR 1L bottle.

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