IKON rear suspension. MOTO GUZZI. #GAS-1297.


IKON rear shock absorbers, pair.  #7614-1297. MOTO GUZZI.  Comes standard with alloy body and black springs, also preload C spanner. 7614 Series Shock Absorbers – All new light-weight Aluminium Body.

V65/V65 Sport (82-85)
 – V7, V7 Sport/Special (750 & 850cc) Ambassador, Eldorado. (72-)
 – 850 T3,T4, California, 850GT. (76-83)
 – Le Mans I & II (850cc), S3 (750cc). (75-81).
 – 1000Gs/ Convert (72-84).
– 1000 SP
 – Falcone /Sahara (87-90).

*NOTE LIMITED STOCKED ITEM, may be minimal delay in delivery.

 7614 Series Shock Absorbers -All new light-weight Aluminium Body
Introducing 7614
  • 4 position externally adjustable rebound with just a finger touch
  • Screw thread spring seat adjustment.
  • Progressive Spring
  • Light-weight Aluminium body
  • Gas pressurised
  • RebuildableThe new 7614 series motor cycle shock absorber from Ikon Suspension takes the best of the 7610 series features and adds a light weight aluminium body with a screw thread type pre-load adjustment for the spring and gas pressure just to top it off.

7614 has the same 4 position rebound damping adjustment feature found in 7610. This provides the rider with useful handling options ideal for road and track. The tradition of rebuildability and re-valveability continues in 7614. Many of the parts are interchangeable with 7610 which means the new series does not have to cost an arm and a leg and is economical to work with short and long term.

7614 has many potential applications. Almost all 7610 series shocks can be made as a 7614. Whether it be a street bike needing a high tech look, a vintage road racer, speedway rider or vintage motocrosser chasing the clock 7614 series shocks are there to provide affordable performance for all.

IKON shock absorbers are produced from the finest materials, surfaces are machined to the narrowest tolerances and quality control is incorporated in all production steps. At the end of the production line every single damper is 100% dyno-tested to assure highest quality.

*NOTE optional:  spring colour, spring rate variants, etc. Please call if required.

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