12 V. Bosch ‘Blue’ Ignition coil. (GUZZI) & Universal.


12 V. Bosch ‘Blue’  Ignition coil. (GUZZI) & Universal.
BOSCH 12 VOLT Super Ignition Blue Power Coil.

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Create hotter sparks and faster starts, along with improved engine performance and gas mileage. Plenty of cooling surface area with metal canister and resin-filled design. High performance in extreme temperatures at a very competitive price ! Large can size has sufficient surface cooling area to prevent overheating. IS Bosch Blue Coil 12v

Check size / dimensions to verify these large coils will fit your application.
**Great for GUZZI LOOP frame models.

Application: 12 Volt Ignition Systems
Power Rating: 12.0 Volt / 3.3 ohms resistance.

  • 3.3 ohms resistance.
  • Voltage Output ~ 50,000 volts
  • Can Diameter = 2 inch
  • Height of Can = 4.5inches
  • Height (including tower) = 5.75 inches


Priced EACH coil.

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