Haynes MODEL Internal Combustion Engine (TY4132).



Haynes MODEL  Internal Combustion Engine (TY4132).

Build a realistic model of a  Internal Combustion Engine clearly
showing its moving parts. Great to teach the kids! Includes light and sound features. Light up spark plugs, moving pistons, valvegear and fan belt. Includes a ‘Haynes manual’ giving clear step-by-step instructions, and information on engines. Finished model size: The Haynes Internal Combustion Engine kit model is fun to put together and the kit contains all you’ll need and over 100 parts to assemble the working model.

Includes light and sound features, light up spark plugs and moving pistons, valve gear and fan belt. Includes a ‘Haynes Manual’.

Finished model size 180 x 270 x 140 mm (H x W X D).

The engine you’re about to start building is a greatly simplified version of a real car engine. The model is designed to be fun to put together, and to make it easier for you to understand how a full-size four stroke engine works. The box contains all the parts and tools you need to assemble the working model. It comes complete with its very own Haynes manual giving you clear step-by-step instructions to guide you through the building process – all you need to provide is the time, two batteries and a little vegetable oil.

The on/off controller also includes a sound chip which reproduces the noise of an engine starting, as the model begins to work.

This kit is a great way for children over the age of 10 (and adults!) to learn about the way the family car works and will keep them busy for hours while they have fun learning and discovering.




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