HT lead 8mm, Dyna. Grey silicone, suppression core- KIT.


Dyna. High Tension lead, # DW-800 Kit.  (recommended for newer vehicles).

HT lead 8mm, grey silicone, suppression core- KIT.

  • Dyna suppression core spark plug wires use the highest grade graphite suppression core to reduce electrical noise and increase engine performance
  • Two wires, each 48in L (cut to length; can be used for up to four cylinders).  With plug caps, rubber boots and connectors. Cut the wires in half and trim to size required.  For use on new vehicles with electronic advance ignitions or other sensitive electronic equipment use DYNA suppression wires with a high grade graphite core for best performance and electrical noise suppression, ensures maximum energy transfer. These wires come with a straight snap boot for easy installation.  DO NOT USE SUPPRESSION WIRES WITH RESISTOR PLUG CAPS .


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