DYNA 3 ohm performance DUAL O/P, MINI-COIL.(pair).


DYNA 3 ohm performance DUAL output, MINI-COIL.(pair). #DC1-2.

DUAL output BLACK, MINI SERIES coil, with 3 ohm resistance primary. 11.5K ohm secondary.
Smaller and lighter than the DC1-1 coils, these are ideal for drag racing applications, some dual plug head applications and some 4 cylinder bikes. Fatter spark means smoother running and less chance of fouling a plug

*Use coil with 5.0 ohms primary resistance for general and street use, 3.0 ohms primary resistance for racing applications.

Great for twin plugging heads etc, and general high performance replacement for many OEM dual out put coils.

 Dynatek ignition coils are high performance, high tech, top quality coils, designed for maximum performance. They produce spark voltages in excess of 30,000 volts and spark energies second to none. Dynatek coils are available in a wide variety of resistances and output configurations to allow easy replacement of stock coils. Dynatek coils work with factory electronic ignitions, points, and aftermarket ignitions. Before selecting a coil, check the coil primary resistance requirements as specified by the manufacturer of the ignition being used.
Will require modifyng and fabricating coild mounts to suit.

Comes with connectors and all required rubber boots.

Price is for 2 x coils.

*NOTE:¬† These cannot be used on Dyna-S, Dyna III or any other non dwell controlled ignition systems.¬† A dwell controlled ignition would be a digital system that can charge the ignition coils to the needed level of charge. Systems such as the Dyna 2000’s for the Japanese engines or Harley Davidsons would be included, as well as the Dyna 2000SE. Ignitions such as points, the Dyna-S’s and Dyna III’s are not dwell controlled and if used with the Miniature series coils, will results in very quick damage to the coils and usually the ignition as well.

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