CORAZZO DESIGN Inverno Winter Glove


CORAZZO DESIGN Inverno Winter Glove.

It’s hard finding a winter glove that protects you from the colder elements yet still allows you to ride with a sense of freedom and feel. Too thick, not warm enough, a lack of feel on the bars, these are often the issues we find when searching for a pair of winter gloves. The new found solution is the Inverno glove by Corazzo Design.

The Corazzo Design team have developed a glove that will do the job without being too thick and restrictive. They’ve added features like the 2-way adjustable gauntlet and introduced a smart removable inner glove for when things turn really nasty. They’ve incorporated the Corazzo DRY-SYSTEM that features Thinsulate Insulation and kept things real by including subtle reflective, additional leather stitched palm and an abrasive resistant outer shell.

Looking for a winter glove that gives you a new found freedom to ride? Introducing the Corazzo Inverno.

  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Adjustable gauntlet
  • Removable inner glove
  • Leather palm
  • Additional protection on palm
  • Corazzo Waterproof DRY-SYSTEM
  • 3M Thinsulate Insulation
  • Double stitching for additional durability
  • Subtle reflective

  Size Chart

Hand measurements should be taken around the fullest part of the hand not including the thumb. If right-handed, use right hand and vice versa.


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$85.00 including GST

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