CASTROL CLASSIC- Thruxton Marathon & Two Wheeled Trio – Duke DVD


CASTROL CLASSIC- Thruxton Marathon & Two Wheeled Trio
Classic bikes on the famous circuits of yesteryear make up this double-bill racing special. The 1957 Thruxton Nine Hours Marathon was a testing ground for powerful Triumph, Norton and Matchless motorcycles. Like other premier tracks of the era, Thruxton was built on a World War II airfield littered with bumps and potholes, increasing the danger for drivers and creating an action-packed spectacle for racegoers. The thrill of big bike racing never fades – and this timeless programme has highlights of one history's most memorable events. Two-Wheeled Trio covers three motorcycle contests from 1958. The Cotswold Cup Trial features fierce competition between riders on single-cylinder four-stroke 'thumpers' produced by Ariel, BSA and Royal Enfield. The pace changes with coverage of the Isle of Man Scooter Rally – a 24 hour marathon in which riders had to maintain a 24mph average around the TT Mountain Circuit on their small-engined machines. Vespas and Lambrettas dominated the track but rarer models made by German NSU and Maico feature too.

Running Time: 53 mins



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