Boyer Micro MKIV, Royal Enfield 350/500 Bullet. Electronic Ignition.


BOYER BRANSDEN. Micro MKIV Electronic Ignition, ROYAL ENFIELD 350/500 Bullet. (points models).

Electronic ignition offers better starting, smoother running, improved fuel economy and lower emissions when compared with more traditional systems. A simple ‘set and forget’ system that illiminates regular required pionts maintenance and a modern reliability.  On certain types of older or high mileage vehicles, wear in the distributor may affect the timing and cause a falling away of performance, whilst sparking at the points burns the contacts and wastes energy. Some classic vehicles suffer from “fragile” electrics which may be affected by vibration or dampness, often an electronic ignition system will eliminate these problems allowing the machine to be used with greater confidence and to its full potential. Legislation against pollution is set to become even tougher. Electronic ignition systems allow most of the available energy to reach the spark and offer more complete combustion. As such, they are an important and simple weapon in the war on pollutants, helping to keep classic machines where they belong – out on the road, not in museums!

The new updated MKIV Boyer is designed to improve the timing stability if engine starting with a very low or variable battery voltage. The design changes are internal and do not affect the external appearance of the unit. Identified by the ‘MKIV’ caption on the label the new units are fully interchangeable with previously produced MK3 and MK1a units, and offer improved performance for both electric and kick start machines.

Suits all (india) Royal Enfield 350/500 Bullet points models.


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