BOSCH Guzzi/ BMW, Regulator/rectifier. Electrex RR45.


ELECTREX Regulator/ Rectifier.  BOSCH type RR45.
For Bosch charging systems. Earlier MOTO GUZZI and R series BMW.

Replaces the old fashion diode board and seperate regulator, into one simple modern solid state unit.
Tidy up unnecceasry wiring, and extra potential problematic electrical connections.
This simple conversion still retains the charging light on the dash but truley updates the old and occasional unreliable charging system.

8 wire unit. Comes with extension harness to help fitment location.

Wire colours:   3 x yellow,   2 x red,   1 x black,   1 x brown,   2 x green,   1 x orange
110mm x 79mm wide, 29mm deep. Mounting holes 65 – 95mm.

Made in the UK.

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Weight 0.7 kg

$249.00 including GST

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