Bosch Alternator Stator. BMW. 107mm


Bosch Alternator Stator. BMW, 107mm

Alternator Stator for Bosch Charging System. New Premium Quality Aftermarket Stator Replaces Bosch Original Equipment Stator on ALL BMW Airheads with Bosch 3-phase charging system 1977-1995. Manufactured in the USA.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW

Application: 1977-95 BMW R w/ 107mm stator

Make/Model: BMW : Model 247, Airhead

Model Years: 1977 to 1995

Vehicle Mfg. Part #: 12 31 1 244 641, Fits Bosch Stator Frame Label #s 0 120 340 002, 0 120 340 005

Power Rating: 270 Watts / 20 Amp;  Premium Quality replacement for BOSCH Alternator Charging System

Brand:   EnDuraLast Brand

Technical Information:
Timing Cover Side OD: 107mm
Stator Frame OD: 107.5mm

Premium Quality Stator for use with BOSCH Alternator Charging System 270 Watts / 20 Amp;

IMPORTANT NOTE: Measure the inside (timing cover side) and outside (stator frame side) diameter of your stator ring with calipers before ordering.

Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg

$249.90 including GST

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