Bosch Alternator Stator. BMW. 105mm (WITH Y connection option).


Bosch Alternator Stator. BMW, 105 mm , (WITH  "Y" connection option.)

Part #: BOALT-Stator105-2Y, OE

EnDuraLast Alternator Stator for Bosch Charging System. Premium Quality Aftermarket Stator Replaces Bosch Original Equipment Stator on  BMW Airheads /5.  1970-1977. Has potential to be modified to include the Y-Connection to increase current. Manufactured in ITALY.
*105mm OD.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW

Application: /5 – R series. 1970-1977 BMW R w/105mm stator and stator frame

Make/Model: BMW : Model 247, Airhead

Model Years: 1970-1977  / verify your stator has no Y connection

Vehicle Mfg. Part #: 12 31 1 243 001 (Stator), Fits Bosch Stator Frame Label # 0 120 340 001 and others.

Power Rating: 270 Watts / 20 Amp;  Premium Quality replacement for BOSCH Alternator Charging System

Brand:   EnDuraLast Brand

Technical Information:
Timing Cover OD: 105mm
Stator Frame OD: 105mm

Premium Quality Stator for use with BOSCH Alternator Charging System 270 Watts / 20 Amp;

IMPORTANT NOTE: Measure the inside (timing cover side) and outside (stator frame side) diameter of your stator ring with calipers before ordering.

This stator can be modified to include the Y-Connection used on later models. This modification will increase the current output of your charging system. Wire and terminal are not included.

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