Bikes ‘n’ Leather. Rockin’ at the ACE music CD.


  Bikes 'n' Leather.   Rockin' at the ACE.  music CD.

The ACE CAFE 70th Anniversary Album.

20 HOT rockin tracks from various cool rockers. Motorcycle focused theme, incliding tracks from such legends as Graham Fenton and Crazy Cavan. Well presented with a great little booklet featuring some histrory and great photos.

Perfect backing soundtrack while doing the Ton on the 'ol Trumpy and being chased by the cops.

Track Listings

1. Rockin' at the Ace Cafe
2. Ace Cafe
3. Breakfast at the Ace
4. Return of the Ace
5. Midnight Brighton Run
6. My Little Sister's Got a Motorbike
7. Forbidden Love
8. Catch Me
9. Jet Black Machine
10. Just for Kicks
11. Electraglide in Blue
12. I Don't Wanna Boyfriend…
13. Motorbiking
14. Lone Rider
15. Both Wheels Left the Ground
16. Bsa
17. White Line Fever
18. Relentless
19. Terry
20. Rockin' at the Ace Cafe (Cafe Racer)


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