Adjustable FUEL INJECTION COMPENSATORS, GUZZI/ Ducati etc. SINGLE Lambda models.




Adjustable FUEL INJECTION COMPENSATORS,  Performance enhancement. 8 JET MODULE.

British made O2 manipulator modules. Compatible for Moto Guzzi , Ducati, Aprilia etc- most Lambda models.
FOR SINGLE LAMBDA models ( or single O2 sensor).
*60cm, or 20cm lead version to choose from. Fittment intercepts the Lambda connector.

The Corsa Corta adjustable  '8 Jet' Modules.

  Great for bikes with aftermarket pipes and airfilters, a simple and cost effective plug in module with basic adjustemt options to optimise performance and general running for your individual bike. No ECU Rework Required. Simple adjustment through a series of 8 mini toggle pins that simply enrichen the mixture as required – similar to a mixture screw on a carby.

A rugged and reliable plug and play electronic module that's simple to fit and requires no specialist knowlege or tools, except for a small phillips head screwdriver for cover removal to access adjustable pins. To enhance the performance of the fuel injected Moto Guzzi, Ducati and Aprilia models, for increased torque in the closed loop area of the fuel map. These individually hand built units are specially made to enhance the low and mid range performance, providing smoother bottom end power, fuel delivery, improved tractability and flexability.  Without any part throttle surging or transmission snatch, cooler low speed running and limiting overrun backfiring with aftermarket exhausts. Road tests show only a negligible difference in fuel consumption to achieve these results and to noticably improve the ride quality of your bike at a fraction of the cost of a Power Commander or full ecu reflash. This unit works in the 'close loop' range.

**This unit comes in a 60cm lead version, OR 20cm version, (shown in image). Depending on the location of where you choose to place the adjustable module box. CHOOSE BELOW. Price is the same.
(generally single Lambda V7 use the 20cm lead, everything else for the 60cm option).

Suits GUZZI: Pre 2012 V7, Griso, Bellagio, Sport, Breva, California (not 1400), early Stelvio.
Suits DUCATI: 2006-2008 MONSTER S2R1000, 2007-2008 MONSTER 695-MONSTER S4R-S4RS, 2007 SPORT CLASSIC 1000-1000S, 2006 PAUL SMART 1000LE, 2007-2010 GT1000, 2006 – 2007 SPORT TOURING ST3-ST3S, 2007-2009 MULTISTRADA 1100-1100S, 2007-2009 SUPERBIKE 1098-1098S, 2008 – 2009 HYPERMOTARD 1100-1100S, 2008 – 2010 SUPERBIKE 848.

NOTE for dual LAMBDA DUCATI: 2009 – 2011 SUPERBIKE 1198, 2010 – 2011 STREETFIGHTER, 2011-2013 STREETFIGHTER 848. USE 2 x 60cm single units.


Containing an eight position range selector switch and a fine tune trim control, you now have the opportunity to dial – in the precise fuel mixture to exactly match your bike. The modules are shipped out fully tested and set to a default of 13.4:1 AFR. This for most models, will be perfectly adequate to give you the desired results to just fit and enjoy the benefits. But should you wish to tune to look for that 'little bit extra' or match your fueling to an aftermarket pipe, you have the critical range covered from 14.2:1 – 12.0:1 AFR in eight switch step changes with extra fine dial-in provided by the trim controller. By using close tolerance fixed components in an eight step switch matrix, this supplies excellent accuracy to within 1% for each setting, without the 20% margin for error when using a more basic 02 manipulator using a carbon track potentiometer to control the Lambda output signal.
The 8 Jet Corsa Corta Modules are the Modern and Reliable Alternative to the Dynojet and Fat duc 02 Optimiser Manipulators for Moto Guzzi, Ducati and Aprilia Fuel Injected Motorcycles.

By using this unit, basically the injector pulse widths are being increased by a few milliseconds longer, to enable more fuel to be squirted into the throttle body during the 'closed-loop' area of the ecu's fuel map from 1000-3,500 rpm.

The  module has been designed encapsulated in a resin filled enclosure to give it durability in it's expected environment, being impervious to oil; water; temperature; vibration, and fitted with high quality weather proof plugs.

Beyond 3,500-4000 rpm, there is no influence on the standard ecu fuel mapping by the Torque+ module. The bike is in 'open-loop' and inputs from the lambda exhaust sensor are no longer computed by the ecu to influence engine fuelling requirements.
Effectively, the bike is now running it's stock fuel map until the rev limiter operates at it's factory preset value.

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**NOTE:   FOR DUAL LAMBDA sensor models. see the 2 IN 1 unit for GUZZI. OR CAN USE 2 x the above.

Available excluseively in Australia through Motociclo.


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