1:6 BROUGH SUPERIOR SS 100 ´T.E. LAWRENCE´ 1932 – Minichamps


1: 6  BROUGH SUPERIOR SS 100 ´T.E. LAWRENCE´ 1932 – Minichamps


This spectacular larger 1:6 model has to be seen to be believed. A perfect very special gift for someone who has everything.

T.E. Lawrence was a fine Englishman, much admired by Winston Churchill. After he led his Arab fighters to victory over the Turks in the First World War, he rose to fame and became known as Lawrence of Arabia. In 1932, Lawrence purchased this particular Brough Superior which, like all of George Brough`s bikes, was individually built to his customer`s specifications. The SS 100 was top of the range and was recognised, in its day, as the Rolls Royce of motorcycles. Lawrence`s machine was tuned to do well over 100 m.p.h., quite a speed in the early 1930s! Lawrence named his Brough, Boanerges` (Son of Thunder), and for three years he raced around the country on it. His final journey ended when he lost control of the bike on the road leading north from the Bovington army camp, just 500 yards from Clouds Hill, his Dorset cottage. This iconic motorcycle exists today, unrestored, and still wearing its famous GW 2275 registration. It is known in classic bike circles as the world`s most famous motorcycle.


Model Features:

  • original metal chain
  • seat suspension
  • spring loaded movable kick starter
  • spring loaded movable accelerator handle
  • movable clutch-and brake-levers
  • movable brake pedal
  • folding foot rests
  • opening fuel trap
  • removable rear mudguard
  • opening saddlebags
  • folding side- and mainstands
  • operating front and rear suspension
  • real spoke wheels

    Rewards 2010
    PLACE 1 in the category collecting Motorcycles
    PLACE 3 in the category Super model 2010

Characteristics 254 Parts with 269 Decorations:

  • 58 Mask sprays
  • 30 Tampo prints
  • 8 Decals
  • 169 Free sprays
  • 4 Chromed parts

NOTE* Definately a collectors item – very limited stcok.



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