02 Sensor Removal Kit. Triumph Twin Power.


02 Sensor Removal Kit. TriumphTwin Power, for Triumph.

All TTP EFI tunes have been developed with the O2 sensors disabled and removed to facilitate smoother running. The TTP O2 Sensor Removal Kit has been designed with your bikes aesthetics in mind, the plugs are as unobtrusive as possible, just as a blanking plug should be. The kit is comprised of the following parts:

  • 2 x custom stainless steel low profile small head bungs with 6mm socket.
  • 2 x copper sealing washers.
  • 2 x heat shrink tubing to seal the O2 loom connectors.
  • 1 x sachet of copper grease to help reduce long term seizure of the bungs.

TTP O2 bungs have been custom made for your bike from quality stainless steel. We have combined a low profile, small head design with a robust 6mm socket for easy installation/removal. The design has also taken performance in to account with a thread length that doesn’t protrude in to the header pipe and restrict exhaust flow.

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