MOTO GUZZI 100 year Anniversary 1921-2021, gathering and celebration.  Sydney/NSW.

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BIG THANK YOU TO ALL INVOLVED AND ALL ATTENDEES that made this such a great and memorable day..

SUNDAY 5th Dec. ALL Guzzi’s welcome.

In honour to celebrate such an iconic 100 year anniversary, MOTOCICLO in collaboration with the MOTO GUZZI Owners association NSW are planning a casual fun day of Moto Guzzi tribute for SUNDAY 5th December.

ALL GUZZI owners and enthusiasts are welcome to come along and be part of the historic moment, so save the date.

*From 8.30am.  The morning will commence with an informal gathering and bike display at ‘Harrys Café De Wheels’- Tempe.

Then at around 9.30ish, a fun social group ride down the coast (through the Natio) to the Headlands Hotel Austinmer, for an early lunch meet and more bike posing.

Then afterwards just make your way back at your own leisure.

LAST chance to celebrate the amazing MOTO GUZZI 100 years, so c’mon NSW ! Bravo GUZZI !


  *Headlands Hotel is a family friendly venue, so all welcome to come/lunch and enjoy the afternoon. (double Vax proof required to enter).

 *Moto Guzzi parking on grass front has been approved for the bike display at the hotel.

  *Great prizes available for selected categories.
  *Very limited Centenary 2021 Ride T-Shirts available through MGOCNSW, or Motociclo. $30.

* If keen to lunch at Headland Hotel, please email Gregg Jones, [email protected], to ensure we have an adequate area at the hotel .

  *There will be a social media platform available to upload and view all images/footage of the day, stay tuned…

*This iconic celebration honouring 100 years of the Italian Moto Guzzi motorcycle. After 100 years… still fully Italian owned, hand assembled & operating from the same factory in Mandello Del Lario, northern Italy.

            Big 100 year ‘Buon Compleanno’ (Happy Birthday) to MOTO GUZZI… a wonderful and amazing achievement for this iconic and historic marque, celebrating 100 years this year since being established in 1921 in Mandello Del Lario, Italy. The oldest motorcycle company in Europe, its origins spawned by the dreams of 3 Italian WW1 fighter pilots – and the legend now still lives on. A beautiful and long history, with this authentic brand celebrating this momentous achievement and to this day aging gracefully, with continuous releases of new models always true to its history and origins. Testament and compliments to this genuine and authentic history and brand, are the masses of highly appreciative, passionate and devoted owners and enthusiasts all over the globe.

In 1921, Italian air force pilots Giorgio Parodi founded Moto Guzzi with the mechanic Carlo Guzzi. The purpose of the company was to design innovative motorcycles in the Mandello del Lario headquarters on Lake Como, where the factory still stands today.

Moto Guzzi, a brand that, one hundred years after its debut, continues to embody the values of its far-sighted founders. Since 1921, every single Moto Guzzi bike that has gone out on the world’s roads has been assembled by hand, with loving craftsmanship, in the factory in Mandello del Lario.

The Moto Guzzi century is a moment of great pride for all Italian industry and the celebration marks a story that has always been lived looking ahead, with a capacity for innovation while keeping faith with the company’s talents and traditions. It has been a century of magnificent motorcycles, victories, adventures, extraordinary people. Moto Guzzi has scored triumphs on all the world racetracks, conquering 14 World Championship titles. It was the motorbike of the speed records, the symbol for the growth of a whole nation, the motorcycle of Italy’s police force and army, a vocation it extended to the international stage by equipping the Californian police department and, more recently, the police forces in Berlin and many other European cities. It has also always been the motorcycle of the Corazzieri, the elite guard of honour of the President of the Italian Republic. Moto Guzzi has accompanied Italy’s economic rise and social development, its motorbikes are part of popular culture and continue to inspire passion in thousands of bikers around the world today.

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