Panther Since 1950

Panther Since 1950.

Panther Since 1950.  AUTHOR: Steve Wilson.

Panther were one of those legendary British makes of motorcycle who produced limited numbers of surprisingly good machines. They outlasted many of the better known bikes of their day, finally ceasing to trade in 1966. Their history is perhaps surprisingly little known to some, as it is replete with innovation and a strong reputation for reliability, durability and comfort. Few bikes are as untroubled by a long day on the road as a big Panther; and even fewer are as economical as the Panther lightweights. The book starts with a short but comprehensive history of the company from its inception in the early 1900s, describing the business challenges and successes experienced by P&M

PUBLISHER: Panther Books
AUTHOR: Steve Wilson
ISBN: 9780955659522
YEAR: 2008

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