HALCYON Mk 410 Brown Leather, curve lens

Halcyon Mk 410 brown leather, curve lens motorcycle gogles.

Handmade in the UK. The brass frame is polished to a mirror finish before being chrome plated. It is then hand stitched to a soft brown leather facemask. The nose bridge screw is made from quality stainless steel.

The curved lenses are made from 99% UV-protected polycarbonate that is treated with a scratch resistant coating to prevent damage to the surfaces. Each lens is housed in an independent frame that can be easily removed from the goggle to allow replacements to be fitted.

The head band now also comes fitted with triple silicon, elasticated non-slip strips for the perfect grip when worn over an open face crash helmet.

Please note: Tinted lenses are not available for curve lens goggles.

$179.00 including GST ($162.73 excluding GST)